Student’s Result (June 2017)
Eva Gao from Lord Byng got accepted into Wellesley College (MIT)
We have helped Eva in getting an average of 95% in Pre Calc 10 to 12, Physics 12 and Perfect Scores on AP Calculus BC, Math II Subject Test. It was an honor to help Eva in her high school years and we wish Eva the best of luck at MIT.
St. Georges Students:
Joe Zhang-95% plus in Accelerated Math 11 (Pre Calculus 12), 800 on SAT Math II subject Test
Jackie Dong-95% plus in Honors Math 9 (Pre Calculus 10)
Michael Chen-95% plus in Accelerated Math 10 (Pre Calculus 11)
Stephen Y.-95% plus in Honors Math 10 (Pre Calculus 11)
William Tiwana-95% plus in Honors Math 10 (Pre Calculus 11)
Mathew O’leary- Exceed Expectation (Highest Score) in Math 3
York House and Crofton House Students:
Joyce Zhang-95% plus in Pre Calculus 10
Lucia Liang-95% plus in Pre Calculus 11
Emma O’leary- Exceed Expectation (Highest Score) in Math 6
Public School Students:
Overall 90% of my students achieved an A in Math
2016 results:
This year Terry taught 21 students, 19 students received an A
Other School
David Emma and Mathew Eva Himson Joe Michael Prov Michael Rohen Stephen
2015 Results coming soon (by end of June) but so far our students  are thriving just like last year!!

Working together with Amanda, she has successfully achieved a final grade of 92% in Pre Calculus 12, which she will use to apply for SFU Business. This is an improvement from a B to an A. Great job Amanda!



Cathy has always been an outperforming student, we have helped Cathy in getting 97% in Pre Calculus 12, which she will use to apply for University in the United State and United Kingdom



We have successfully help Cathy in getting 750 on SAT Math I This is the equivalent to 94%.



Cathy has received acceptance into University College London



Cathy has received acceptance into London School of Economics.



Eva has improved by a lot in just 3 days of grade 10 provincial exam prep classes. Eva has improved from a C to a B in math.


David has worked really hard to go from failing to getting a C+ in chemistry 11. Keep up the good work!



We help Aaron in Chemistry, Physics, and Math. We are very glad that Aaron has received the acceptance into UBC. Congratulation Aaron!



Colin has the potential to do well but requires more attention. We will do our best to push Colin to getting his first A in school!



I cannot publish everyone’s results because not every students/parents text me but I promise I will make a summary and post it here by the end of June!!


2014 Results

Out of 50 students ( Grade 7 to Grade 12)–40 students achieved an A in the subjects we tutored
Out of 9 grade 12 students–8 students received acceptance from top Universities

Student School Course Final Grade University
Chris S JN Burnette Pre Calculus 12 87% SFU
Chris S JN Burnette Economics 12 93% SFU
Sigrid C Delta Secondary AP Calculus BC 91% SFU, UBC
Aaron C Coquitlam Pre Calculus 12 92% SFU
Regina A HJ Cambie Physics 12 90% SFU, UBC
Regina A HJ Cambie Pre Calculus 12 90% SFU, UBC
Cathy P Burnaby North Pre Calculus 12 100% UBC, Edinburgh
Cathy P Burnaby North Pre Calculus 11 99% UBC, Edinburgh
Cathy P Burnaby North Economics 12 93% UBC, Edinburgh
Colin L Richmond High IB Physics 86% SFU
Vivian L Richmond High IB Math 90% UBC
Catrina Richmond High IB Math, Physics not A
Miguel McRoberts Math 11 83%
Ivana D Eric Hamber Pre Calculus 11 92%
Joe K McMath Pre Calculus 11 85%
Eva G Lord Byng Pre Calculus 10 100%
Danny New Westminster Math 9 95%
Lucy S. York House Math 9 Honors (Pre Calculus 10) 90%
Ray D St. Georges Math 8 Honors (Math 9) 86%
Joe St. Georges Math 8 Honors (Math 9) 88%
Mimi Crofton House Math 8 Honors (Math 9) 90%
Rohen N David Thompson Math 8 93%
Rohen N David Thompson SSAT Math Higher Level 90%
Nicolas St. Georges Pre Calculus 10 90%(Estimated)
David N St. Georges Math 7 90%
David N St. Georges English 7 93%
Thomas St. Georges Math 7 90%
Stephen St. Georges Math 7 90%
Angela S Near UBC Math 7 95%

Students Comment 2013

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