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61981_101433076727096_1382291127_n 10329032_10152217559973621_5912168538127959120_n Terrys Degree

Terry Kung

Center Director

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (with distinction)

Joint Major with Economics (overall average: A)

Simon Fraser University

SAT Math II 100%, Calculus I 100%

Former tutor at Sylvan, Elite, Tutor Doctor, Simon Fraser University

Teaching Experience: 10 years plus, Helped over 100 students in getting an A in Math

Teaches: Math (All High School/Elementary level) , SAT Math I, II, AP Economics, First Year Economics

Hourly Rate: $50 per hour (1.5 hour lessons)

Class Time: Monday to Friday: 3:30pm to 5pm, 5pm to 6:30pm, 6:30pm to 8:30pm


Call Terry today at 778-881-3962 to enroll into our math programs


Location: #211-2112 West Broadway Vancouver BC

16 thoughts on “Terry Kung-Math

  1. Dear Terry, thank you for tutoring me from grade7 to grade 12 in Math. Without your assistance, i would most likely unable to obtain an A every year. Thank you for being very helpful and patience.

  2. At the beginning of Terry’s Math Course, I was interesting in math, but the available ways to learn them were very bland. Terry made learning math more interesting, and helped me learn Math in a interesting way.
    David from St. George, Grade 8

  3. Terry is an amazing teacher. I was seriously struggling in math and went through countless tutors looking for help until i found Terry. He really helped me develop as a student and helped me understand the material I was being taught.

    Joe from McMath, grade 11

  4. When I first started grade 8 Math, I was struggling with making connections between everything I learned, but after taking lessons from Terry, I made those connections that made math much easier and boosted my mark at the same time
    Stephen from St. Georges, Grade 8

  5. I reached out for Terry since grade 10. He has helped me to achieve my full potential in the area of Math. I am very pleased with what he has done for me.
    Nicholas from St. Georges, Grade 10

  6. Terry started tutoring me in grade 10 where my math grade was only a barely passing mark. After 2 years being tutored by him, I have excelled in math with an A+. His tutoring skills and dedication for me to succeed has helped me reach my full potential in math.
    Angela from Windermere, grade 12

  7. Whenever I have questions I need answered, or my teachers at school aren’t clear enough with the concepts that we are learning Terry is able to help me y clarifying and elaborate on what I don’t understand. He also goes beyond and teaches me quicker and more efficient ways of answering any math problems. He is a great teacher and tutor!
    Justin W grade 11 from Southpointe Academy.

  8. When I first arrived at St. George’s, I struggled with math. I didn’t understand the math formulas and the ways of doing math in a very quick way. Now, I am an A student in the math honours class because of Terry. His unique ways of teaching and his patience in his explanations is what got me there. Terry has helped me not only in school but also in life because I now have a capability to do mental math quickly and efficiently. I am confident that Terry will help throughout my high school years and help me achieve my dreams.
    Michael Chen from St. George’s, Grade 8

  9. Terry is a very patient instructor and I was struggling with math very much before I met him because the teacher at my school was a horrible teacher. His ways of teaching is very unique because he shows you the easiest way to do it and it’s very easy to understand. I would highly recommend him as a tutor!
    Colin Mak from Hugh Boyd Secondary, Grade 11

  10. Thanks for the giving me the extra precal12 time and sessions Terry. It really shows that he cares.
    Richmond secondary grade 12

  11. In my high school years, I was never really good at math. Though I’ve just come to to this tutoring school, Terry has really helped me through his classes when I didn’t understand it at school. I am very confident that Terry will help me succeed in math and I’d definitely recommend him as a tutor if anyone is looking for one.
    Melissa Saji, Grade 12, RC Palmer Secondary (prospective ubc student)

  12. Terry started tutoring me in grade 8. He helped me with formulas and questions I did not understand at school. He gave me challenging questions to answer so I have better understanding of the unit.

  13. Terry, thank you so much for tutoring me. I really appreciate your help. With you I probably wouldn’t be able to earn admission into a top university. You are the best tutor ever and I truly recommend you to anyone.

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