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Address: #211-2112 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC

Phone: 778-881-3962


Hours of Operation: Monday to Thursday 11am to 8:30pm


Please call to schedule an appointment with Terry before you come in.

One thought on “Contact us

  1. Dear Sir,
    I am writing to ask for the possibilities to arrange my son lessons when he is on his break in Vancouver, Richmond.
    My son, Himson who is currently studying in a boarding school, Rothesay Netherwood School, in New Brunswick in Grade 10. He found that the Math curriculum is far more difficult than in Grade 9. He was once very confidence in Math but now he is struggling with it.
    Himson nearly has a long weekend break each month and he will travel back to Vancouver in October , November and even at Christmas. Can you give Himson some help at the break? Is it possible to arrange him some lessons on a few-day basis? Himson understands that the lessons may be condense ones and he needs to be highly concentrated on them, but he is really so discouraged and needs some help. Himson thinks he may even want to have some preparation lessons for Grade 11 Math the next summer.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


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