Alfred Wong-Physics


Alfred Wong

Bachelor Degree in Science, University of British Columbia

Certified Management Accountant

Former TA at University of British Columbia, Current Exam Grader at Lanagara

Teaching Experience: 10 years plus

Teaches: Physics 11,12 IB Physics (all level), AP Physics, University level Accounting, AP Calculus

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Rate: $40/hour (2 hour session)

Class Time: Sunday 12pm to 2pm

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6 thoughts on “Alfred Wong-Physics

  1. Alfred is sincerely amazing. At school, I was struggling to keep up with physics and could not understand a single thing. But in just a few lessons, I was caught up again! His enthusiastic teaching and deep understanding of physics shows through and helps you fully understand whatever he is teaching.
    Joe from McMath, grade 11


    Alfred is a great tutor, he has helped me understand physics in a matter of minutes.
    McRoberts, grade 12

  3. I am currently getting tutored by Alfred and he is an amazing physics tutor. His teaching methods make me understand the concept very well. He is also a very funny teacher and I would recommend those who are struggling with physics.
    Colin Mak from Hugh Boyd Secondary and currently in grade 11

  4. I have seen Alfred since grade 10. He really got me to understand the depths of Physics and I am able to think in many ways to solve numerous questions/problems. I am glad that I have been working with him because I am seeing improvements.

  5. Alfread tutored me in Accounting before my Finals because i was struggling in class. We had only a 5 day tutor session and he explained everything very well. He is patient and takes all the time and techniques needed to help me understand. He even made time to put in extra hours to tutor and go through each chapter making sure I understood completely. With only a 5 tutor session, he went through a whole semester of accounting course for second year university with me. He is great!!! Very thankful for his help

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