We are a small scale tutoring school that offers extremely competitive rate (50% less than what others are charging!) and superior tutoring service (90% of our students are getting an A, you can too!)

We believe that every students can do well as long as enough helps are provided to the students and We are here to make sure that high quality of help are available and affordable for our students. This is the reason why we try our very best to offer our service at a very affordable price.

All our tutors are bachelor  and master degrees holders, have achieved 95% plus in the courses we teach, and have up to 10 years of teaching experience. (See “Meet our Team” for more details, remember to check out our student’s comments under each teacher!)

Our successful student stories are increasing every year, and we continue to see our students thriving because our students are getting high quality of help that they need in order to do well in school. (See “Testimonials” for more details)

Currently we are building our online test preparation course on honors.usefedora.com

Our online courses are built to prepare students for exams. Each course will provide you more than enough practice questions and walk through videos so you know exactly what to expect on your real test in school!

Please take the time to see each teacher’s qualifications and our students’ comments (Below each teacher from “meet our team”

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